Healthy Eyes Educational Series

Did you know that the annual cost of adult vision problems in the US is over $51 billion every year?  And that half of all blindness is preventable if eye disease is detected and treated early and 90% of all eye injuries could have been prevented. 


Healthy Eyes Educational Series - Eye Disorders

Are you a community health educator, outreach worker, public health professional, community or senior center program director, occupational health nurse, safety director, or employer looking for lunch-and-learn educational material on eye health and safety?

Use the Healthy Eyes Educational Series to build awareness among your clients, co-workers, employees or cohorts of eye and vision basics, common adult vision disorders, eye safety precautions and proactive behaviors that give the best chance for a lifetime of healthy vision.

The modular program includes a Presenter Guide and Power Point on various eye health and safety topics that you can customize for your audience.  Modules include:

  • Eye Anatomy
  • Refractive Errors
  • Contact Lens Safety
  • Adult Eye Disorders
  • Low Vision
  • Home Safety
  • Sports Safety
  • Work Safety

Click here to access the presentation series.