Test Your Eyes

Near vision test for adults

This test will check your close-up vision in each eye.

Before you take this test, you should know the difference between an eye check or test and an eye exam done by an eye doctor. This test does NOT replace regular eye exams.

What you will need: ► What you will need: ▼

  • a well-lit room

  • an assistant, if possible

  • pencil and paper to write down your answers

Note about printers: ► Note about printers: ▼

This test requires you to print the Near Vision Chart. The appearance of your printed chart may vary depending on the printer you are using. In order to get valid eye test results, each of the lines above and below the text and circles on the printout should be about three inches long. Please measure to make sure.

Also, in order to provide appropriate contrast and clarity for your eye test, be sure to use white paper and choose solid black as the color. If you are having trouble printing the eye test, contact Prevent Blindness America to request a free printed copy.

Instructions ► Instructions ▼

  1. Print the Near Vision Chart.

  2. Do not take this test if you are tired.

  3. Do not study the chart before the test.

  4. Choose a well-lighted room away from any window glare. Wear the glasses or contact lenses you normally use for reading.

  5. Keep both eyes open.

  6. Hold the Near Vision Chart about 14 inches away from your eyes.

  7. You will need someone to help you take the test. Read the sentences on the test to your helper or write it down as it looks to you (if you do not have a helper).

  8. Tell your helper where each opening is in the row of "C's" (or write it down as it looks to you if you do not have a helper.)

  9. If you did not get the sentence and all the "Cs" correct, repeat the test on another day.

What the results mean ► What the results mean ▼

If you did not get all of the sentences and all of the "C's" correct on two different days, you should arrange for a professional eye exam.