Practice game

This simple game teaches children how to respond to the HOTV chart.

1. Print the HOTV chart.

(You will need Adobe Reader to print the eye chart. Adobe Reader is a free program).

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

2. Cut out the big "H," "O," ",T" and "V" letter cards from page 2 of the Prevent Blindness America HOTV chart.

3. Choose a time when your child is well rested. (Mornings are best.)

4. Explain to your child that the two of you are going to play a "game." (Avoid coaxing or insisting. If your child doesn't want to play, choose another time.)

5. Using the big "H", "O," "T" and "V" cards, introduce the four letters to your child. Practice with your child until he or she can tell which letter you are pointing to without help.

6. Praise your child each time he or she responds correctly. After playing the game, continue with the Distance Vision Test only if your child is not tired.