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The Year of Children’s Vision is an exciting, one-of-a-kind collaborative effort to support the vision health of children in Head Start and early childhood programs across the United States.

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The Year of Children’s Vision is pleased to provide you with this series of presentations from the 2014 NHSA Annual Conference designed to bring excellence to your vision screening and eye health programs! Learn from nationally recognized eye care providers and public health leaders the information you need to develop and implement a strong, 12-component, Vision Health System of Care- even when vision screening is conducted by volunteers or outside agencies. This series of presentations includes (1) critical questions to answer about vision development in Early Head Start and other birth to 3 programs, (2) considerations for children with special health care needs, (3) results of the NHSA national vision screening survey, and (4) how parents want to be engaged in follow-up eye care for their children.



Presenters and Presentation Number

Vision Trauma and Common Early Childhood Vision Disorders
handout | slides

1.    Jean E. Ramsey, MD, MPH


Which Children Should Bypass Vision Screening and Go To An Eye Exam
handout | slides
handout | slides

2.    Reena Patel, OD and

3.    P. Kay Nottingham Chaplin, EdD

Birth to Three and Three to Five: Key Vision Development Questions to Ask
handout | slides

4.    Bruce Moore, OD

NHSA Vision Screening Survey and Parent Focus Group Results - What's Working and What Needs Work
handout | slides
handout | slides

5.    Jean E. Ramsey, MD, MPH and

6.    Kira Baldonado

Building a Strong Vision Health System of Care: Components and Resources
handout | slides

7.    P. Kay Nottingham Chaplin, Ed.D and Kira Baldonado

Year of Children's Vision Webinar Series: Developing a Strong Vision Health System (Part II)

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Children’s Vision: NHSA Family Engagement Conference Presentation

View the presentation from the 40th Annual Parent Conference & Family Engagement Institute held  December 9-12th at the America’s Mart Conference Center, Atlanta, Georgia

Children’s Vision: Building Blocks for a Great Vision Screening Program!

Common vision impairments affect 5 to 10% of preschool-aged children. If not detected and treated early, vision impairment could negatively impact a child’s ability to learn, athletic performance, and self-esteem. This panel session will provide information about the importance of vision for early communication, screening vision for common early childhood vision disorders, using appropriate tools and methods, accessing eye care and engaging families, and the NHSA “Year of Children’s Vision.”

Webinar: Why Do Children Need Vision Screenings? - Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

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Webinar: The Affordable Care Act and Children with Vision and Eye Health Needs, January 14, 2014

Webinar: Developing a Strong Vision Health System (Part I), February 26, 2014