Prevention is an important part of good healthcare. Members of volunteer organizations and service groups around the country take vision screening training so they can better serve their communities. Some offer vision screening as a benefit. Others provide these services for a fee.

Why become a Prevent Blindness certified vision screener?

Prevent Blindness has the only national program that trains and certifies people around the country to conduct screenings that find vision problems in adults and children.

Prevent Blindness  affiliates around the country offer training and certification in adult vision screenings and children's vision screenings.

Training participants become candidates for certification when they complete the basic screener course. Prevent Blindness America issues certifications and maintains a national database of certified vision screeners.

Children's Vision Screening Training and Certification

Vision screening is a good beginning to eye care. A screening does not replace a professional examination, but it can help identify those at risk for eye disorders. Read More