Small Steps for Big Vision

The National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health at Prevent Blindness, in partnership with the National Head Start Association, is creating the An Eye Health Information Tool Kit for Parents and Caregivers to provide parents and caregivers with the education, actions, and connections they need to be an empowered partner in their child’s vision health. The kit can be used by Head Start and Early Head Start programs. The goals of Small Steps for Big Vision are to:

  • Educate parents/caregivers about the role for vision in learning.
  • Help parents/caregivers understand the referrals they might receive from their Early Head Start/Head Start program when their children do not pass vision screening, the importance of arranging and attending an eye examination, and the importance of following the eye care provider’s treatment plan – even when parents think nothing is wrong with their child’s vision.
  • Empower parents/caregivers to understand the importance of caring for their own eye and vision health and to use resources to obtain eye care in their own community, if possible.

Kit Components

Components of the Small Steps for Big Vision​ will include:

  • Staff training materials and methods: Background information on children’s vision and eye health; vision screening milestones from birth to the 1st birthday; techniques and tips for delivering the parent meeting presentation; other tips and strategies for Early/Head Start (e.g., methods for inviting parents to the presentation, educating parents during a home visit about their child’s vision and eye health, encouraging parents to make an eye care appointment, and how to build partnerships with eye care providers).  Written resources: Where to find vision care providers in their area, paying for eye examinations and prescription glasses, etc.
  • Communication messages and methods for parent leaders and parent participants: Reminders to parents/caregivers to schedule the eye examination appointment (social media messages, text, and email reminders), encouraging local eye care providers to send eye examination reminder texts, emails, and postcards.
  • Presentations and resources for parents/caregivers: 60- to 90-minute parent meeting materials, including a 15-minute slide presentation and experiential education (activities for parents) and resource sheets (e.g., how to find an eye care provider and links for getting vouchers for the eye examination and prescription glasses).
  • Experiential Education Guide: Activities (e.g., wrap plastic wrap over the eyes and try to play catch, find your child’s name in the classroom, and planning a field trip to a vision care provider).

Kit Availability

Small Steps for Big Vision will be available in April, 2020. If you would like to be notified when the kit is available, please fill out the form, linked below.