Grades 3-5 Curriculum


Spanish Star Pupils Grades 3-5 Curriculum worksheet

NEW: Spanish-language versions of the curriculum Parent Letter, worksheet and Safety Poster are now included with the curriculum download.

The curriculum has been separated into five lesson topics. Each topic contains lesson objectives, key points for discussion and a corresponding PowerPoint presentation, and lesson activities. Teachers can use the program to supplement an existing health lesson plan, or as a standalone classroom activity to provide interesting and fun facts about vision and encourage students to protect their eyes.

The Star Pupils curriculum has been aligned with National Health, National Science and National Physical Education Standards. Students will learn about:

★★ Eye anatomy and how the visual system functions.

★★ Refractive errors and how vision can be improved or altered using eyeglasses,
and other types of lenses.

★★ The invention and history of glasses.

★★ What challenges people with visual impairment face in a world without sight.

★★ How to protect their vision with strategies to keeping their eyes healthy and safe.

Materials Include:

  • Teacher Guide with Lesson Plans including a list of all National Health, Science and
  • Physical Education Standards that the materials cover.
  • Power Point presentation for each module.
  • Teacher Resource Guide with background information on all lesson topics,
  • ideas for supplemental activities, and additional resources.
  • Take Home Materials including Letter to Parents explaining the Program,
  • Fun Eye Facts and Eye Safety poster.
  • Classroom and Homework activity sheets.

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